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private flute lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students

Adult Lessons

60-minute lessons scheduled weekly or at your own pace.



Kids Lessons

Weekly flute lessons for children and teens ages 8-17.




At Mind Body Music Academy, our goal is to engage students in the creative musical process and to nurture their love of music. We believe that musical talent can be fostered through education and is not an innate ability. Given the proper resources, instruction, and effective practice, all students should be challenged to achieve at a high level and can be successful.

Our teaching philosophy is driven by the process of music-making itself, rather than solely by performance outcomes. This means that we don’t simply teach students how to play a piece of music; we teach them how to be excellent, well-rounded musicians through music literacy, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and healthy musicianship practices. We encourage students to thoughtfully evaluate their own playing and give them the tools and the knowledge they need to become independent musicians. Our holistic approach to music education allows each student to learn at his or her own pace, to develop a strong musical foundation, and to experience a deep appreciation for music.

At Mind Body Music Academy, we believe that playing music is a mental, physical, and emotional practice. We teach students to practice in a way that integrates their minds and bodies, which supports injury prevention and confident playing. We explore fitness, body awareness, and healthy practice strategies so that we can prevent playing-related injury and maintain physical wellness. We use mental strategies such as imagery, mindfulness, and mental cues to combat performance anxiety. We learn to control not only our musical preparation through practice, but also our self-talk and our response to internal and external stimuli. At Mind Body Music Academy, we aim to integrate musicians' health into every aspect of playing and teaching. Consequently, our students form healthy, sustainable playing habits and discover their true musical potential.

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