While our students range in age and musical experience, they do have something in common. All of our students are self-motivated, excited about learning, and not afraid to take on a challenge. When they make a commitment to learning and improving, they experience success.

*To protect the privacy of our students, the names have been changed in the stories below.

Successful Children and Teens

When Alicia came to her introductory lesson, she was frustrated and felt like a failure. She was trying to play flute in her school band but couldn’t figure out how to make a sound. Right away, I could tell that the flute itself was the problem-- it was way too big for her! I showed Alicia how to practice using just the flute headjoint, and immediately she made a wonderful sound. Alicia's parents bought her a new flute with a curved headjoint. She walked away from the introductory lesson with renewed confidence and excitement. She loves her lessons and finally feels successful in school band.


​Jennifer is very quiet and shy. She had a history of giving up on activities, so her parents were worried that she might not stick with flute. I’ve been teaching her for a year now, and not only did she stick with it, but she tells me that playing the flute is “really, really fun” and she practices every single day! Her playing has improved so much, and she has gained confidence as a result.

Hector joined my program several years ago with a specific goal of winning first chair in his high school wind ensemble. After a year of lessons with me, not only did he achieve that goal, but he also got into All-State band and received a music scholarship at his top-choice college.

Charlotte joined my program with the goal of getting a spot in the MMEA Junior District festival. She was frustrated because she had auditioned the year before while taking lessons with a different teacher, and she didn’t get in. She knew how to play the music, but I found that her fundamental playing technique and understanding of basic musical concepts was lacking. I developed a practice plan for her to specifically address these things. After just five months of lessons with me, Charlotte auditioned and made it in.​

Successful Adults

Eva took some flute lessons as a very young child and decided to come back to it many years later as an adult. She was really hesitant to start lessons again because she didn’t have a very positive experience as a child or with other teachers she’d worked with as an adult. Something changed almost immediately when she started lessons with me. She uses her practice time every evening as a chance to unwind from the stresses of the day. Eva constantly tells me that picking up the flute again was the best decision she ever made, and that it’s a piece of her that was missing.

When Jacob began lessons, he was a young adult in graduate school with absolutely no music experience. He had never played the flute, and didn't know anything about reading music. He loved Pachelbel's Canon, and wanted to learn how to play it. He started out renting a flute, and discovered he loved it so much that he bought his own a month later. He progressed quickly with his playing and sight reading, and after just four months he was playing Pachelbel!

Carol is a professional piano teacher and took flute lessons in college as a secondary instrument. Now she’s in her 60s and decided to start taking lessons again! She’s a great musician but still had room to improve her flute playing. From the beginning, we focused on improving her fundamental tone and technique. After a few years of lessons, her fundamental skills have noticeably improved and she says that playing and learning the flute feels easier. She’s able to play very difficult pieces from the standard flute literature, including Bach flute sonatas, with much greater facility than she could before. She loves to play the flute and have her piano students accompany her!


When Charlie enrolled in my program, he was confused about reading music and frustrated with his lack of progress. We went back to the basics, and I helped him build up his music literacy skills. Now, when he looks back at music he was playing just a year ago, he says it seems unbelievably easy! He’s so happy that he can sight read now, and sometimes he picks out new music and learns it on his own for fun.

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